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Max is a writer and director from Sydney, based in London.

His work has been regularly featured on NOWNESS, as well as Promo NewsThe GuardianInterview Magazine, BOOOOOOOMHungerMonster Children and Campaign Brief.

Recently his spot for FILA was selected as ‘Ad of the Day’ on BOOOOOOOM. His film about British architect John Simpson won Video Of The Day on VOTD.

His AFTRS graduate film Wanderlust, starring Jessica Tovey and Eamon Farren, won the Deluxe Cinematography Prize.

Max's upcoming short film You Take The High Road - about feuding old brothers given one last shot at redemption - received the Innovation Grant from Metroscreen, and is slated for production in 2019.

His interest in climate refugees led him to Bangladesh to commence research on a feature film project, working with NGOs the Chars Livelihood Project and Lighthouse. Whilst there he shot an experimental film, CHAR, currently in post-production.